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A Brighter Dental Experience

General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry

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Welcome to Our Clinic

You are important as a guest, client, partner or team member. “For Joy For Life” was our philosophy from the beginning. The Mdex clinic was founded in 2003 and is based on the dream of a dentistry clinic with a human touch and the joy of living at its base. We dedicated all our efforts to develop policies and technologies with this ideal in mind.

Our clinic is located in the heart of downtown montreal. Our address is 1002, C, Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H3A 3L6 (See on Google Maps)

Our clinic is easily accessible using the Metro:     Peel     McGill

What We Do

General Checkups

Dental Implants and denturology


Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Orthodontic Care

Preventative Dentistry

Dental exams are important to prevent the development of potential issues. L’ordre des Dentistes du Québec recommends a dental exam and cleaning at least once every six months.

Costmetic Dentistry

If your teeth are discolored, stained, chipped, worn, misaligned, broken, or have gaps between them, our cosmetic dentistry services can give you a smile you will be proud to show off.


We offer a solution for any condition you might suffer from. We can discuss a proper treatment plan that may involve braces or other teeth aligners such as Invisalign to restore the appearance of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Drinking coffee, smoking or simply time may lead to yellowed teeth. If you are unhappy with the staining that may be present on your teeth, a teeth whitening is right for you. We currently offer a free teeth whitening to patients that proceed with a full dental exam and cleaning.

Emergency Care

If you have an urgent need of dental care or are in pain, we will accomodate you. We offer emergency appointments to ensure you receive the proper care before existing issues become even worse. The best way to receive a quick service is to call us.

Dental Implants and Denturology

If you are missing a tooth, we can provide you with dentures or with dental implants. Dental implants can last a lifetime and restore a natural feeling. Most patients can’t feel the difference between their real teeth and their implants. 

Our Dentists

Our experienced team of dentists are there to ensure your teeth are in good health!

Dr. David Martin


Dr. Jen Ballard


Dr. Steven Moore


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