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Launch your very own clinic.

A turn-key solution for dentists that ensures the launch of your clinic.  Gain access to Mdex’s prestigious corporate and medical network and expand your clientele to at least 1500 new patients within the first 3 years.  Guaranteed.

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    Get your business up and running in no time.

    Beyond finance and corporate advantages, Mdex’s philosophy encourages you to live your dreams and pursue your passions. In fact, by operating for literally 50% of the year and freeing yourself from as many administrative tasks as possible, you’ll gain a flexible schedule and a solid foundation to rely on as you pursue your own goals in life.

    Your Private Clinic

    Partner up with Mdex&Co and own your very own micro enterprise with immediate access to a plethora of clients.

    Security and Peace of Mind

    The quickest and safest way to start your own practice. Mdex&Co provides 1500 patient files to each new partner.

    A Dream Location

    Work in the most prestigious dental complex ever created, designed to prioritize human connections.


    Work-life balance freeing you from most of the management and overhead so you can enjoy your work and enjoy your life.

    What matters to you matters most to us.

    Mdex can help you with your projects and push you to follow your personal ambitions alongside your professional career.

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    Your team is ready, waiting for you to start growing your practice.

    Guaranteed to launch your clinic quickly and bring in young professional clients.

    Immediate prestige and entry into a network of corporate and medical officials.

    Start billing elegantly from the first month.

    Ready to change the world?

    Contact Mdex to get started.

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    Doing things differently.

    Facilities at your disposal throughout your 10-year lease, including:

    • Clinic Privilege, 3 times per week with 8 hour shifts
    • Access to a whole floor of consultations
    • Accessibility to private offices (additional charges are applied)
    • High-end, ergonomic & abundant natural light
    • Abundant natural light
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    We are dedicated to do more and to do better. With blueprints respecting the environment and with sustainable growth at heart.

    We are actively working to increase the accessibility to diagnostic tools and technologies.

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    Enjoy life and concentrate on what really counts! Thanks to our revolutionary schedule, which covers only 50% of the year and offers you an unparalleled returns, you are free to dedicate your precious time to what really matters! MDEX & Co.’s business models allows you

    To spend 50% of your time on activities you have a passion for, while ensuring exceptional returns on investment.

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    Mdex & Co. takes care of managing your clinic and its entry into the market. The Mdex groups has a fiduciary obligation to provide you with a client base of a minimum of 1,500 patients over 3 years.

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    The culmination of the dreams and ideas of a team of specialists who believe in work-life balance for dentists.  Enjoy your work and enjoy your life. Be Happy!

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    Enjoy the best of both worlds from your private clinic, by achieving your dreams of independence while benefiting from shared costs:

    • Guaranteed to launch your clinic quickly and bring in young professional clients;
    • Immediate prestige and entry into a network of corporate and medical professionals.

    Spend your time on tasks with added value that will increase your turnover.

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    Our facilities.

    About Mdex.

    Mdex is a world class clinic located in the heart of downtown Montreal at the Scotia Tower.

    We take pride in giving our patients the smile they deserve since 2003.

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