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Teeth Sensitivity

Your teeth are sensitive to cold and this sensitivity is always present? Whether a cold liquid or air, you don’t have longer to endure this pain.

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Recover Tooth Roots with Artificial Enamel.

The artificial enamel commonly called “composite or white filling ” is a materials ” shutter composed of quartz particles and silica. Aesthetic and conservative, composites contain no lead, mercury, unlike amalgam.

Composite restorations could match the color of the tooth, making them almost invisible repairs thanks to the variety of color available. The solution to the loosening of sensitive teeth is a simple application of the composite against the deficient part of the tooth. Cosmetic results and desensitization are instantaneous.

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Main Cause of Tooth Sensitivity.

The primary cause of this sensitivity to cold is a loosening of your teeth. In other words, the gum was dropped to the bottom of the tooth and the root is exposed in the mouth. Visually the bottom of the tooth appears to have a hollow and appears more yellowish.

This loosening was most probably caused by inadequate and excessive brushing. The sensitivity comes from the wear of the root.

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Treatment Advantages





Treatment Clinical Steps.


  • Consultation with a dentist
  • Assessing the severity of wear and required treatment
  • Evaluation of the loosening teeth
  • Development of the treatment plan
  • Establishing the exact cost of procedures
  • Covered by most dental insurance.

Laser Whitening (optional)

  • Explanations & Questions
  • Prophylaxis
  • Pretreatment desensitization
  • Three sessions of ¬†15-minute laser whitening
  • Post processing desensitization & instructions
  • Easiest way to whiten teeth

Covering Artificial Enamel

  • Tooth preparation
  • Application of artificial enamel
  • Polishing
  • Tips on tooth care
  • This care is covered by most dental insurance. These costs are based on the guide of the Association dentists of Quebec.

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The most likely cause is the loosening of the root. That is to say the gum drop and let the root of the short tooth. Teeth are sensitivity to cold, because the root is not protected.

It is possible to cover the roots of sensitive teeth with artificial enamel. The results are fast and instantaneous.

No. A simple dental cleaning is done before the enamel covering. There is no anesthesia or enamel size.

Yes, by covering worn roots and replacing the worn material. The sensitivity instantly disappears and the aesthetic result is surprising.

Yes. The average durability of enamel coverings is 3 to 5 years. Replacement is due to mechanical wear.

No. The artificial enamel is of the same color as the tooth.

At the end of recovery, you can eat cold . The effect before & after is instantaneous.

If the wear of the root is more severe, a gum graft may be necessary to remedy the situation in addition to the enamel covering.

Yes, the enamel covering is a dental basic care and will be reimbursed by your insurance.

An enamel recovery usually takes less than 10 minutes per tooth. The total treatment time is determined by the number of teeth required of recovery.

The wear of the root is irreversible. More root tapers, more sensitivity increases. Eventually, the nerve of the tooth can be exposed and cause pain then create major costs .

The cost of treatment depends on the severity of wear and on the amount of teeth to be treated. The unit cost of a collection of enamel varies between $ 91 and $ 105 per tooth (depending on the type of tooth ).

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