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Getting 10 years younger has never been as easy and painless!

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With CERINATE, an innovative technology that helps produce esthetic and resistant porcelain veneers of the thickness of a contact lens, smile transformations as Smile MakeOver can transform faces.

Made in California by Denmat, these facets allow a meta- morphing smile with little or no ablation enamel. Without alteration of the enamel, there is no anesthesia, but above all more pain ! Imagine the possibilities available to you ! Do not hesitate to request a  free consultation .

The number of facets varies smiles and aesthetic needs 


It is possible to obtain financing plans for the case of 6 veneers and more. One of our consultants can provide information about the tax benefits and financing options available during your consultation .


1st Appointment: Consultation

  • Consultation with a certified cosmetic dentist LUMINEERS
  • Smile evaluation
  • Setting objectives and individual needs
  • Development of the treatment plan
  • Determining the required number of veneers and treatment alternatives
  • Establishing the exact cost of procedures
  • Meeting with a counselor for financing plans, if necessary

2nd Appointment: Laser whitening

  • Explanations & questions
  • Prophylaxis
  • Pretreatment desensitization
  • 3 x 15-minutes sessions of laser whitening
  • Post processing desensitization & instructions

Tooth whitening is optional, but highly recommended since the final color of the veneers will harmonize with the color of natural teeth uncovered. It is not possible to bleach veneers once placed.

3rd Appointment: Design and registration

  • Taking pre-operative photos
  • Confirmation of color permanent veneers
  • Preoperative impression
  • Clinical simulation of porcelain veneer, if necessary
  • Taking final impressions
  • Prescription LUMINEERS veneers and sending in California

About 3 weeks after sending the laboratory

You are ready to see this metamorphosis that you’ve been waiting for ! Below are the last steps:

4th Appointment: Placement

  • Fitting of porcelain veneers
  • Approval by the patient
  • Cementing LUMINEERS
  • Adjustment
  • Taking postoperative photos
  • Adjusting the occlusion

5th Appointment: Control

  • One week after installation of veneers
  • Adjust, if necessary

6th Appointment: Control

  • Adjust, if necessary
  • Care instructions


6 Years Follow-up on Cerinate Porcelain Veneers

— Nash, R.W.

The step-by-step procedure is presented for treating a patient with Cerinate porcelain veneers using a minimal tooth preparation technique and bonding with Ultra-Bond resin.  In addition to images of the step-by-step treatment procedure, images of before treatment, immediately post treatment, and at a six-year follow-up are presented.

The six-year follow-up results are completely favorable with excellent gingival health and no change in the shade or the condition of the veneers.

The Esthetic Repair of Metal Margins on Metal-Ceramic Crowns Using Etched Porcelain Cervical Shields

— Strassler, H.E., Weiner, S.

The difficulties of successfully repairing the fractured porcelain of porcelain fused to metal fixed prostheses is described.  When fractured porcelain involves the gingival margin of a crown, then the repair may involve bonding to porcelain, and metal, and root dentin.  The merits of Den-Mat products for bonding to these surfaces are explained.  

A clinical case report is presented in which a Cerinate porcelain “shield” (a partial veneer) is bonded over the facial surface of a tooth root and a crown with fractured porcelain at the gingival.  The procedure is simple to perform and the results are excellent. 

Flexural Strength Optimization of a Leucite Reinforced Glass Ceramic

— Cattell, M.J., Chadwick, T.C., Knowles, J.C., Clarke, R.L., Lynch, E.

The purpose of this study was to process a ceramic material with a fine leucite particle size using hot pressing techniques, to increase the flexural strength, reliability, and ease of use. Cerinate Pressable Porcelain exhibited significantly higher biaxial flexural strength than Empress®Pressable Porcelain. It was concluded that Cerinate can be pressed in different press furnaces without compromising its superior strength.

Porcelain Veneers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

A brief history of the development of modern porcelain veneer technology is presented.  The unique strength of Cerinate porcelain is the basis for the conservative concept of veneers with little or no tooth preparation.  Also, the ability to bond veneers over existing metal, ceramic, or composite resin substrates is mentioned.

A clinical case is described to demonstrate the technique for veneers with no preparation of the teeth.  Ultra-Bond is used as the resin cement for the veneers.  Very successful results are obtained with a completely straight forward and easy-to-perform technique.



Clinical studies have proven that LUMINEERS can have a lifespan of up to 20 years. LUMINEERS porcelain veneers are also accompanied by a 5 year warranty in case of fracture. Certain conditions must be met for the warranty to be honored. Discuss this with your dentist.


LUMINEERS are porcelain veneers of the thickness of a contact lens. Thus , unlike traditional veneers where to cut a certain thickness of enamel, lumineers can. If there is no amendment to the shape of the teeth, be put unaltered enamel , so without anesthesia or pain.

    • Simple and rapid procedure: 2-3 visits from the initial meeting to the final pose
    • Painless : since there is little or no enamel alteration
    • Permanent whitening : it is possible to choose a color as white as desired for veneers
    • Instant orthodontics : Since it is possible to re- align teeth to a certain degree , the LUMINEERS are an interesting alternative to orthodontic treatment.

LUMINEERS are porcelain veneers of the thickness of a contact lens, approximately 0.2 mm. Manufactured exclusively by CERINATE, California, theses veneers are so thin and strong that they allow to be raised without having to cut the first enamel. In most cases, no size is needed, so no anesthesia or pain or discomfort related to the procedure .


Yes, despite the LUMINEERS are cemented permanently, because they are ultra thin and did not need to enamel alteration, it is possible to remove the porcelain and expose natural enamel below .


There are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink with LUMINEERS veneers since these cover your natural teeth, keeping intact the strength of the tooth enamel. Of course , it is recommended not to abuse porcelain veneers, because this will have broken natural teeth , also break the porcelain. Proper hygiene and regular maintenance twice a year to the dentist can extend the life of LUMINEERS. In other words, treat your LUMINEERS the same way you treat your natural teeth!



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